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Thank you for your inquiry and interest in our Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Hunts!   As sheep hunters ourselves, we share your enthusiasm and high regard for this beautiful and coveted animal!  If you are like most hunters, you’d give your eye teeth for the rare opportunity to hunt a Trophy Ram!  With Wyoming’s preference points system for Bighorn Sheep licenses, serious applicants stand an excellent chance of drawing a tag in many areas within several years of applying.  If you are one of the lucky few who have drawn a Bighorn Sheep permit for the coming season, congratulations, you’ve cleared the first hurdle on the trail to taking the Bighorn Ram of your dreams!  Now, it’s time for serious planning!

Your next hurdle to clear is choosing the right outfitter for what is quite probably going to be your
once-in-a-lifetime Wyoming Sheep hunt! That’s where we come in!  With great anticipation, we look forward to the special opportunity of outfitting and guiding you on your long awaited Sheep hunt!  For us, “It’s not a job, it’s an adventure!”  We are not a “high volume” outfitter who books as many Sheep hunters in as many different areas as we can get our hands on.  We take each and every Sheep hunter’s experience very seriously!  Therefore, knowing the country and the Ram haunts well, we choose to hunt Bighorn Sheep in just two outstanding areas!  

For maximum preference points applicants, we hunt Bighorn Sheep area 10, the world famous Whiskey Mountain herd!  Area 10 is home to the largest herd of Bighorn Sheep in the lower 48!  Our horse-pack camp is located deep within the spectacular Fitzpatrick Wilderness of the Wind River Mountain Range.  For maximum or random preference points applicants, we also hunt Bighorn Sheep area 5.   Our horse-pack camp is hidden within the Washakie Wilderness in the awesome, Absaroka mountains of the Shoshone National Forest!  Area 5 is also home to a fantastic sheep population and a high number of licenses, making for fairly good drawing odds!

Every detail of your hunt is well planned with your enjoyment, safety and success in mind.  We provide surefooted mountain horses, top notch tack and equipment, and a clean, comfortable camp.  Hearty meals are prepared by our full time cook and wrangler.   We will pack you in the first day of the trip, then for the next eight days we’ll give you everything we’ve got, to guide you to the   Bighorn Ram of your dreams, packing you and your Sheep out on or before the tenth day!    In past years, we’ve been 100% successful on Trophy Rams scoring from 160 to 175 gross B&C!

As with anything in life, you generally get what you pay for!  Sheep hunting is no exception!    We do not offer “bargain” priced hunts.  Instead, we make a personal commitment to you to put forth 110% effort and provide the quality professional service that you expect and deserve on your Sheep hunting experience of a lifetime!   After reviewing our literature, please feel free to call anytime to further discuss any questions you may have about our services.  It would be our sincere pleasure to outfit a great hunt for you in Big Wyoming, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

One-on-One Guided / Wilderness Horseback Bighorn Sheep Hunt,  @ $8,550.00 per person.

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