Awesome Antelope


Limited Quota, Trophy Antelope

3 Day Hunt, Sept. 1 - Oct. 30,  $3,250.00 (2 to 6 preference points)

4 Day Archery Hunt, Sept. 1 - Sept. 30,  $3,250.00 (2 to 6 preference points)

5 Day Hard-Core Hunt, Sept. 1 - Oct. 30,  $4,550.00 (2 to 6 preference points)

antelope 047Our trophy antelope hunts take place on several large, exclusive private ranches in South Central Wyoming!  These incredible “speed goats” of the prairie offer a fast paced, exciting hunting opportunity, sure to please any hunter!  Rifle or bow-hunter, we have the hunt for you!  Our private ranch hunts are conducted on several large, working cattle ranches totaling nearly 200,000 acres!  We have exclusive hunting rights to these properties for our hunting clients only!  That means that our antelope are not “running wild and crazy” like the antelope you find in most heavily hunted areas!  Our ranches support an amazing resident population of 1200 to 1500, un-pressured antelope, making it totally common-place to look over many excellent, mature bucks each day!  Due to our vast areas and wide variety of habitat that we control, we are able to accommodate virtually any hunter’s physical abilities and individual interests for a successful archery or rifle hunt for trophy pronghorn!    

Most commonly, our antelope hunts, both archery and rifle are accomplished by accessing areas of our ranches with 4x4 vehicles, then glassing, spotting and stalking.  Bow-hunters may also choose to hunt from ground blinds at waterholes if preferred.  We boast one of the highest success rates in the industry, with our spot-and-stock archery antelope hunts, at 100% shooting opportunities with over 90% harvest success!  Rifle hunts are typically always 100% successful!  These exciting hunts with high success rates are made possible by our well managed antelope herds, experienced guides, excellent habitat and stalk-able terrain!  We hunt mature bucks that typically average 13 to 15 inches or better, with good mass, curl and prongs!  Our hunter’s trophy bucks generally will have Boone and Crockett scores averaging in the mid 70’s, with many trophies scoring in the high 70’s and low 80’s every year!   

Although preference points are helpful, they are not absolutely necessary to draw a tag!  Antelope licenses are readily drawn for our hunting areas!  If you are planning to hunt antelope in Wyoming in the future, we strongly recommend buying preference points in advance to guarantee yourself a tag!  As an added bonus, trophy antelope may be hunted in combination with most of our trophy mule deer or elk hunts.  Depending on the hunt chosen, accommodations can vary from deluxe wall tent camps or cozy bunk-houses, to a spacious modern log lodge or local hotels.  Please contact us for specific details about various hunts, dates and details!