Wyoming Whitetails


5 Day General permit, Trophy Whitetailed Deer

Sept. 1 - 30, Archery $4,550.00, Town Hunt (1 to 2 preference points)

Nov. 1 - 30, Rifle $4,950.00, Lodge Hunt (1 to 2 preference points)

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Our general permit, November whitetailed deer hunts take place on several large, private ranches located in the beautiful Black Hills of Northeast Wyoming!  This area is well known for high populations of white-tails and mule deer alike!  We have been on a strict quality deer management plan for the past 30 years, harvesting only good, older age-class bucks, as a rule four and a half years and older, sporting antlers outside the ears or wider, and four points to a side or better!  For many years, our hunters have enjoyed 95 to 100% harvest success rates on trophy Whitetail bucks scoring on the average from 125 to 145 Boone and Crockett points, with the occasional monster buck over 150 inches taken by our hunters!  The mature bucks taken by our hunters average around 135 B&C, and weigh between 180 and 220 pounds!  We limit our hunts to a maximum of six hunters per week, and we hunt the prime weeks of the November rut!  Depending on the chosen hunt dates, our hunting methods vary from rattling and calling techniques, still hunting, glassing/spot and  stalk, and strategically placed ground blinds!  The terrain varies from gently rolling hills of ponderosa pine and rim-rock ridges, to oak-brush basins and creek bottoms, to big open meadows, valleys and agricultural fields of grass hay, alfalfa, and winter wheat!

Our hunters enjoy the deluxe accommodations and meals provide for them at the beautiful guest ranch lodge!  A comfortable, modern room with private wash facilities is furnished per every two hunters!  After an exciting day of hunting, you will enjoy the warmth of a cozy wood stove fire, and a delicious home cooked meal!  You can top off the day with a game of billiards, darts or cards, or you may just want to kick back and watch a good football game on the TV!  Relax and enjoy a great hunting vacation!  Also, ask us about our “limited quota” whitetail hunts that may be available on select ranches!